3 Best Places to Propose in Dallas

Dallas has wonderful sites for marriage proposals. Engagement rings in Dallas can be found easily near these popular sites of engagement events. There are engagement ring shops in the central Business area of Dallas too.  Here are the three best places for an engagement proposal.

  • Reunion Tower

Even the name is romantic! This iconic skyscraper is popular for its magnificence view of the skyline. It is 171 meters high, an amazing height for the event. Reunion tower is located at 300Reunion Blvd in the district and is part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, so you are assured good meals just nearby. The Wolfgang Puck’s hotel is also nearby so you can select the restaurant that pleases your wife. After the meals, you can make your proposal. Oh, be sure to get down on one knee! It is important.

You can go to the geO-Deck if the restaurant is not epic enough for your proposal. The geO-Deck provides visitors the opportunity to see the skyline and topography of the area. There are telescopes provided for you to see intricate details of the topography. Your camera will come in handy too for it to be the most memorable site, with the selfies and photos of the event. You are sure to see cloud9 restaurant on your way up. Here you can take a beverage and have a taste of their wonderful dessert.

  • Texas Rangers Stadium

If you are a fan of any ball game, this is your place. This stadium is mainly for baseball, but we care about the theme more than specifics. Proposing in such a place shows creates an impression of an energetic person. You can do a scoreboard proposal or a more private thing, it’s your choice.

A more private proposal can be done when you are taking a tour around the stadium. Find a good spot and propose. Prior arrangement to get a guitarist or musician to play some music would be more romantic.

  • Lake Cliff Park at Sunset

This is the best place for you if you want to be away from all the noise and bustle of the public. The place is serene and beautiful especially in the spring. Lake Cliff Park is free from tourists and is generally free from locals too. In fact, unless there is a concert, you can come here to do your proposal. Springtime is the best for such a beautiful occasion because of all the natural energy- the budding roses. Other seasons may see the place dry and look brown, so scout around first.

Dallas is a wonderful place. What with all the diamond rings in ring shops around town! You are sure to make a wonderful occasion for your wife-to-be.

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