Less known 5 beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia

In searching out perfect strand of sand around Asia, our travel experts have come up with some impressive selection of coastline, islands that can features a life changing experience for all travelers. Either it is a stunning find for romance or a great day out into the wilderness, you will get them all :

Sumba Island, Indonesia
This surf paradise  island rocks all beach enthusiasts by offering one of the world`s most amazing waves.
Expect deep waters and when the tide rises dramatically, it creates long continuous left hand barrels.
With the arrival of new luxury resorts and lodges, Sumba is simply a brilliant choice to relax by sunrise, sunset, photographing the waves jumping as high as you can imagine.

KohRongisland, Cambodia
IdyllicKohRong is located off shore and takes about 40 minutes boat ride from the mainland of Cambodia. The beach is pristine and you are to enjoy the Khmer hospitality like no other.
You will be overwhelmed by the feeling that you have touched down in a secret sweet spot where you find the gentle sand and waves right under your toes.  Do not miss the night fun to spark the sea and get lighted by a rustic bungalow.

Naked Island, Philipines
It is always difficult to get an idea of where to do island hopping in the Philippines since there are so many. Naked island, tucked away from most of the tourist spots and about 800km far from Manila has its own charm features one of the amazing choices for beach lovers.
Leave your sandals, wade through the crystal waters, you will be pampered by the ocean and get the sun, sea like what you expect

Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam
The island is reserved for some luxurious accommodation, boasting romantic setting thanks to its highlighted, powdery beaches. For many reasons, honeymooners head to Ninh Van: ultimate privacy romance, magnificent walking trail to rock formations, endless diving sites, azure waters and delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

MacleodIsland, Myanmar
Nested in Mergui Archipelago in the southern ridge of Ananda Ocean, M…. is breathless beautiful. It is off beaten track and requires some efforts of travel.  For a special trip to this area, you need to arrange well the flight and book Ananda resort far in advance, however, all this is a worth!
You will be compensated by private beaches, emerald waters, possibilities to do kayaking to remote islands, dive in one of the finest world class coral reefs of Asia.
Authentic Asia Tours offers big travel deals for Yangon Tour and onward travel to Macleod from early 2017.

Lampi Island, Myanmar
Another hidden treasure of Myanmar and it is only reachable by taking Mergui Cruises. There is no hotel, no restaurant but surely you will love this paradise.
If you think about a place where you place your kayak aside, plunge into the water as gaze at the fish as deep as your eye can see, watching the wild animal and meet the friendly Gypsies which has less contact to the modern world, think about Lampi !



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