Cheap cruise lines offer plenty of packages for the budget traveler who would like to get a rare taste of luxury. The good news is that you do not have to spend half of your life’s savings on a week or two of cruising. These smart choices can help you stretch your dollar while you are on a cruise.


Dining, even on Cheap cruise lines, can easily become expensive. To stretch your budget, try to schedule most of your meals in the “free restaurants”. If you must try specialty restaurants while you are on a cruise, look for dining packages which can slash your luxury dining by 25%. Also keep an eye out for specialty restaurant specials.

Spa days

Cheap cruise lines can offer very low prices for their basic cruise packages, but most of the time this does not include spa treatments which can be pretty pricey. You should try to book your spa treatments during port days, or days when the demand for spa treatments is low. Most cruise lines offer discounted prices for spa treatments during these days. Do you think you will be spending most of your money (and time) on spa treatments during the cruise? Ask for special prices on multiple treatments.


Wines, even on Cheap cruise lines, tend to be very expensive. If you bring your own wine, chances are your cruise line will ask for an exorbitant corkage fee. What you can do is ask for the wine to be corked. This is a secret most first timers don’t know. They think that they need to either finish their wine while dining or give up the leftover once they’re dining. The bottle can be kept by the restaurant for safekeeping until you dine again, and you can ask for it so you won’t have to buy a new bottle each time you eat there. They won’t mind.

Bring your own

Read the rules and regulations of Cheap cruise lines. If they ask for corkage fee on alcoholic drinks, will they mind if you bring your own water, soft drinks and juices? If they don’t charge any corkage for these, then go ahead and stock up on them. Bring this to your trip. Do mind the cruise line limits, however. Otherwise, you might be charged a fee, or your drinks might have to be left at port.

Tour packages

It’s generally better no skip the tourist packages once you’re off the ship. If you’re on a budget, enjoy the ship’s amenities but go on your own once you hit the destination. Of course, most Cheap cruise lines will discourage this and offer you the most tempting tour, but some of these tours are actually too jampacked or even boring. Read up on your destination, then explore on your own. Just set a realistic schedule to make sure you’re not left by the ship.


Cheap cruise lines will offer in-cabin phones and Wifi connections. Watch out, though, as these can cost a lot. You might be surprised at the amount you’ll have to pay at the end of the cruise. Instead, think of your cruise as a chance to relax and disconnect. Look at the trip as a chance to retrospect and truly immerse yourself in the trip. Bored? Load your devices with movies, ebooks and music. There’s a chance you’ll be too busy with cruise activities anyway.


Especially in bars, most cruise lines already add 15 to 18 percent gratuity fee. Do not feel pressured to add more if you are traveling on a budget. If the service is really good, you don’t need to add another 15. Just a few extra dollars will be appreciated.
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