Vaporesso are trail-blazers in the industry holding over 200 patents for vaping technology. Their manufacturing levels are a cut above, with all their products passing safety tests with flying colors. Beyond that, they seem to be a company that really cares about the industry and the products they produce. I was excited to try the Vaporesso SWAG 80W kit Starter Kit with NRG SE Tank to see if their words are backed up by their kit.

Looks, Build and Safety

The Vaporesso fits easily in the hand with the finish, IML injection coating, with a smooth and stylish look. There are four different colors to choose from which adds a personnel touch and means you won’t get confused if your friend buys one too. The NRG SE is sturdy stainless steel and the atomizer complies with EU regulations, utilizing a 2ml capacity. Overall, it looks good, feels sturdy and is in line with all safety regulations.


The biggest advantage of the Vaporesso SWAG 80W is the charge time. There’s nothing worse than the batteries giving up in the middle of a night-out or day trip. The Lithium Ion battery provides 48 hours on just a single charge. Tech-wise, the Omni 2.0 chip provides a phenomenal range of smoke options which are easy to navigate using the 0.91 inch screen. On TC mode, this vaporizer gets up to 100 Celsius with a resistance range of 0.05 OHM.

Final Verdict

The SWAG 80W Starter Kit is Vaporesso simplifying the industry. Everything about this product is easy to use but, the technology behind it, is super advanced. Using the Bypass mode the vapor is very smooth, proving the NRG SE tank and atomizer are more than capable of doing their jobs. Even refilling is made easy because you no longer have to remove the whole cap. For me, this is a step forward in vaping products and, if this product is anything to go by, I’m looking forward to seeing what Vaporesso come up with next.

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