Myanmar is undoubtedly a destination of a dream trip

For those who eye a different journey into the exoticness of Asia, Myanmar is undoubtedly a destination of a dream trip. The country is so remarkable with thousands of pagodas, hundreds of remote islands, incredible river expeditions and diverse, sealed culture and friendly people.
Travel expert from Authentic Asia reveals some of the best places you must delve into for any Myanmar Tour either it is a culture discovery or adventurous experience :

pynoolwin bagan

Shwedagon Pagoda
Right when you touch down the vibrand city of Yangon, Shwedagon appears by the side of your car`s window as the most dominating pagoda in town. Filled by golden color which comes from gold, diamond and majestic Buddhist shrine, this pagoda is the symbol of Yangon with the rich history as old as the 6th century.
All Yangon City Tours lead to this giant pagoda since it offers so much to learn about local culture. Photographers love capturing the sunset here as well.

Do not miss the chance to see Bagan at its purest. Whether you like temple or not, Bagan surprises you by all sense. There are more than 2,200 pagodas and temples scattering along a jungle like valley.
Bagan is now one of the best places in the world to ride Balloon. This experience is far from your imagination as you float over the temple`s spire uncover the stunning sunrise over Irrawaddy River.
The best advice for visiting Bagan is to immerse yourself into different pagodas: Ananda, Minanthu, Shwenadaw, Gawdamgyi,… combining with fascinating visit to Mt. Popa, a sacred pilgrimage site in north Myanmar.

Mrauk U
Known as one of the most highlighted archaeological sites in Asia, Mrauk U was the capital of Katanla Kingdom and now the amazing travel site boasting ancient treasures that no other places on earth has.
Travelers are lured by Royal Palace, untouched temples, mysterious mountain panorama and importantly the interaction with tattoo faced hill tribes.
Though traveling to Mrauk is not so stable with the flight from Yangon, it is definitely worth a visit

Inle Lake
This is the second largest inland lake of Myanmar, exposing distinctive charm from floating garden to still villages. The area is very famous with the image of Intha fisherman who navigate their boat by one leg.
What else you should see in Inle: the lake houses the unique rotating market which take places on different day around the lakeshore, Indein Ruin temple with breathless view to the lake, Phangdawoo pagoda and its fantastic festival, Pa – O hill tribe villages and numerous traditional workshops.

While traveling in Myanmar, you can think about a place to escape from the tropical weather, it is PynOoLwin. For 2 hours driving from Mandalay, this charming town was chosen by British officer as summer hill station as it offers mild weather.
So far, PynOoLwin does not appear much on tourism Radar yet it illustrates perfectly the beauty of Burma the old days : faded British church, Victorian buildings and villas, lush botanic garden, tranquil lake and green local plantation.

Myanmar has more to offer to every traveler since it opened up its door to the world in 2012. Brow the newest collection of Myanmar Tours or contact local travel expert for a tailor made holiday would be a perfect idea for planning your holiday.

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