Putting Together An Intercity Tour With Your Mates

There is nothing as exciting as an intercity trip with your mates. It is a great opportunity to explore, bond and build some wonderful memories.  However, intercity trips require proper planning, otherwise there is the danger of the trip coming apart. Following these few and simple tips will ensure a fantastic tour with your mates.

Budget Properly

Travelling is not cheap. While there are ways in which you and your mates can scrimp and save on costs, it is often better to over-budget than under-budget. Be realistic about the cost of food and accommodation. If in doubt, call and ask. You will always know someone in the other city or state who can give you realistic costs. Once you compile a budget, add 20% to the total cost to cover any unforeseen eventualities that may occur.

Plan Accommodation In Advance

Nothing ruins a trip faster than dirty washrooms and cramped sleeping quarters. If you only have to get a few things right, accommodation ranks up there among the things you cant afford to get wrong. This means calling in advance, getting referrals online (these days many websites offer independent reviews of hotels) and checking out websites. If you see complaints and poor reviews, expect that you will get the same level of service when you go there. Never assume you are the exception.

Think Safety And Comfort When Travelling

Moving across a country as large as Australia is a challenge. If self-driving across the country, expect that you will be exhausted and not in the mood to see anything. A clever way of getting around that is to hire a chauffer driven mini bus or coach to take you around.  Around the country, there are numerous options for cheap bus charter services and you should certainly take advantage one of these.

Make Arrangements For Special Locations

If you have to visit a winery, a farm or some other special location, it is wise to call ahead and make prior arrangements. Nothing is worse than driving for hours only to find that you are locked out. When you call in advance, ensure that you inform them of the number of people and if there are any special things that you would like to see.

That way, you give them the opportunity to plan and prepare for you. One of the advantages of working with a bus charter company is that the drivers will guide you on the local attractions that would interest you and your mates. Remember to take note any special conditions that the place you are touring might have (such as dressing or mobile phones).

Always Have Emergency Contacts

Ensure that you know local hospitals and have emergency contacts in case of an incident. Always ensure that you have someone back home who knows where you are. Establish that your mates have each other’s phone numbers in case one of you is separated from the rest. If touring remote areas, ensure that you have telephone numbers written down as well in case you need to make a call on a pay phone and your mobile phone battery is dead.

Planning an intercity tour with your mates is a great opportunity to discover new places. Making these simple arrangements will ensure that you the trip is fun and memorable for you and your mates.

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