Top 5 Family Attractions In Perth

Whether you are a tourist or a local, there are several attractions in Perth that you can enjoy as a family. For tourists visiting for the first time, bookingPerth minibus hire will help them access the destinations easily. We have compiled 5 top family attractions that you can visit while in Perth.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

This garden is the heart of the city and it is situated 1.5 kilometers from Perth’s CBD. The 400.6 hectares expanse of unique bush land is one of the most popular family attractions in Western Australia. This park showcases an outstanding collection of Australia flora and the destination is great for holding picnics or hiking. The Botanic Garden And Park holds cultural and ceremonial events once in a while which both locals and tourists enjoy. The picnic and barbecue facilities available make this park a perfect destination for family gatherings.

Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo is filled with lush gardens and its naturalistic exhibits are home to over 1,200 different animals from around the world. Visitors get to know the local wildlife while exploring the rainforest to see tigers, elephants, sun bears among other animals. Children get to enjoy an eye to eye encounter with animals where they get to feed giraffes and Galapagos tortoise. For those who love wildlife and would love to learn more about animals, there are feeding presentations that teach conservation work.


Scitech is Australia’s leading science education institute that offers scientific experiences to visitors. Your Family will enjoy mind blowing exhibitions and science performances from this unique center. There are puppet shows for younger kids to help them understand science better.

If your family has an inquisitive mind, Scitech offers the ideal environment to learn more about science in a safe and fun environment. Visitors are allowed to touch and feel selective scientific inventions to experience the marvel of science at first hand. To get souvenirs for the trip, there is a Discovery shop which has unique gifts you can buy.

Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay has a free playground and amazing view that kids of all ages can enjoy. The grownups can enjoy an outdoor market and live festival scenes as they enjoy superb dining. You can relax with your family at the foreshore while you enjoy the city’s active lifestyle. The riverside trail offers the best venue to walk or cycle if you need to exercise. If you are lucky, you may get to enjoy one of the special shows that are organized against the stunning backdrop of the Swan River.

The Perth Mint

This is one of the remaining world’s oldest gold mints, and it is open to the public to allow visitors to enjoy the largest collection of gold bars on Earth. The Mint was established in 1899 and its primary function was to produce gold coinage and refine gold. It continues with its fine work and this site has worn multi awards for the best tourist attraction in Perth. The Perth Mint is open seven days a week all year long and allows families to get close to one million dollars’ worth of gold.

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