The first thing one thinks about when visiting a foreign place is “where will I stay overnight?” Of course, you can’t visit continuously, because the human body is constructed in a way so that it requires sleep from time to time. So here are some nice, cheap spots with great services and marvelous views, and you can go straight from the airport there using some Barcelona airport transfers.

  1. Ciutat de Barcelona

This hotel is known for being no-nonsense, no-frills and yes-efficient. From the fridge packed with mineral water on each floor to the rooftop that holds a terrace with a beautiful pool, this hotel should ask twice the price for what it’s asking. However, the doubles only go from £58! The rooms, while not having exquisite finishes or gaudy mod cons (although it does offer free WiFi), are cozy and painted in warm colors that will make you feel just like home.

  1. Room Mate Emma

This hotel is a hip looking a place that will have you impressed at every step. Looking like it was just pulled out of the space-age, this hotel looks all silver and white and hot pink. It also offers services that you can use inside and out (for example, a mini-router which you can carry around to enjoy free WiFi while you’re out). The food is cheap, but at the same time, it’s tasty and generous. And the prices only go from £94!

  1. Praktik Garden

Considering that it can be doubled from £49, this hotel offers a lot of services considering the price. The lobby is a small work of art that is filled with books and plants. Further on the first floor is where the magic starts – it has a beautiful looking inner garden room in which you can sit and relax. The rooms are also cheerful-looking, with comfortable beds and spotless bathrooms.

  1. Hotel Jazz

If you are a fan of jazz, you will definitely be a fan of this hotel. It’s situated right in the middle of everything, making your spots easy to reach, and it also looking rather astonishing with its monochrome jazz look theme. There’s a pool on the roof that is big enough for swimming and the beds are fairly wide. It’s a really good 3-star hotel which only doubles from £79.

  1. Hotel Market

A refreshing hotel that starts at the price of £54, the place has a designer look with low prices. You will have complimentary mineral water and fruit, free WiFi and overall comfort. The rooms are also aesthetic-looking, with comfortable beds that will make your stay comfortable.

Choose some reliable Barcelona airport transfers to get you there, and you can be sure that your luggage will be safe and your wallet will be thankful. You can grab the car straight from the airport of Barcelona, without having to wait in line for random taxi drivers that only want to scam you for your money.

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