It is easy to agree that London has many great sights and sites to explore. However, time may happen to be an obstacle when you are touring. So how do you manage to visit all the top sights in London in the shortest time? Well, it all starts with weighing options. You may choose to forego a number of places so you can tour a specific number of places. This usually works if you want to spend more time in certain places. However, if you are not planning to spend more in certain particular places, the following options can help you visit London’s top sights in the shortest time.

48-Hour London Tour

This is a fun option if you are really short on time and want to catch the top sights of London.  This involves taking a bus tour for 48 hours straight with your travel group. Coach bus hire in London will give you the chance to tick off places such as the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace among others.  You can make as many stops as you wish and visit any number of travel attractions within the time period, and it’s fun to snooze onboard since the coach buses come with excellent amenities these days.

Taking The Twilight Tour

If you thought that sightseeing was only meant for the day, you are very wrong. A twilight tour is a great option that gives you an amazing perspective of London’s greatest attractions. Standing or sitting on an open-bus top, you will be able to view places such as Piccadilly Circus, House of Parliament, Coca-Cola London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben all at the splendor of floodlight. This short excursion will only take you about an hour and 45 minutes. The final destination is at Victoria.

The Two Sides Of London

There is the Old London and New London. Each side gives you a different perspective of the city and helps you appreciate its history. In that case, you can start off by visiting the Old London. Located at the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, The Swan is an amazing place to relish in an afternoon cup of tea to simply have an experience of what the old city felt like centuries ago. You can then proceed to see Europe’s tallest building where you will get a chance to experience modern London from above. The entry to The View (from the tall building) is at 6pm.

The Downtown Abbey

If Downtown Abbey is in your wish list, you should not leave London without visiting the place. The tour to Downtown Abbey will take you through lavish and magnificent state rooms of Blenheim palace. The tour goes on to Bampton village where you get to see the buildings that were used for Downtown church, Downtown College Hospital, Grantham Arms and the Post Office.

All you need to do to achieve a successful short tour is write all these places down on a paper before starting a tour. Presenting your plan to bus shuttle or charter bus companies will help you to go through these places without spending too much time.

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