If you are planning on heading off on a surfing holiday in the next few months, you may have considered the usual places that are considered surf heaven for catching some waves. Places like Bundoran Beach in Ireland are regularly visited by surfers, and for those in the UK, it is generally a pretty short journey.

However, travelling to Spain in order to ride some serious waves is not much longer. Here’s why Spain should be on your radar for your next surfing holiday.

The Weather:

Weather at home can best be described as “unpredictable” at best, and can range from beautiful one minute, to Baltic the next. But in Spain, you are virtually guaranteed amazing conditions, beautiful sunshine and awesome, pristine beaches. This reason alone is a huge plus for those looking to combine their holiday with a little surf action. And while surfing is always fun, having a little heat on your back can only be seen as a positive thing, as apposed to shuddering on your board, while the latest blast of cool air suddenly seems to appear from nowhere!

But What about Novices?

If you are only getting into surfing now, or are pretty inexperienced on the board, you should not let this dissuade you from going on a surf holiday, if that is what you would really like to do. Seize each opportunity you can to practise, and as is said, “Practise makes perfect”. You could even visit a surfing camp for lessons while there, to help yourself improve. A particularly good one is Art Surf Camp – one of the most prestigious camps in all of Spain. You will be provided with all the equipment you need to surf on the day, and the prices (including accommodation and meals) are extremely reasonable.

So, where is Best to Go?

There are many fantastic options in Spain for surfers, regardless of your experience level. Spots like Mundaka & Zarautz in Basque Country are highly regarded. Another great place to head for is Razo in the Galicia Region. Located in Northern Spain, along the Atlantic coast, you will find white sandy beaches and perfect glassy waves for novice and experienced surfers to have a ton of fun on. The Galicia region itself is extremely beautiful, and when you have finished carving up those waves (or maybe even grubbing!), you will be astounded by the scenery surrounding this area.

Even More to Enjoy:

There is a lot about Spain to love, when you come off the beaches also. Spanish cuisine is famous around the world, as are some of their magnificent cities, such as Barcelona. If you have never been there before, Spain is one of those countries that draws you back time and again. And after you experience just how much fun you can having surfing here, you will rethink going anywhere else for future surfing holidays. From the scenery to the architecture in the cities, to the pristine beaches, Spain has everything for the perfect surfing holiday.


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