Ways To Handle Bus Sickness While On A Trip

Taking bus transportation isvery common these days, whether we’re talking about coach charter for holidaying or domestic bus travel for locals. It is unfortunate that some people experience motion sickness and this makes the bus journey very uncomfortable.

Researchers believe that this happens when there is a mismatch of information between the eyes and the brain. For example when you are in a bus, the eyes will inform the brain that you are not moving but on the other hand the parts of the ear that control posture and balance will inform the brain that you are in motion.

This causes confusion and in turn the body reacts by causing symptoms like nausea, headache, dizziness, belching, sweating and salivating just to mention a few. There are medications one can take to relieve the symptoms but this is only a temporary solution. Here are ways you can overcome motion sickness for good.

Take Control Of The Situation

Most of the people who experience motion sickness prefer driving than being passengers since this way they feel in control. However, there will be instances where they have to be passengers. When this happens, it helps to get a comfortable ride and sit at the front to feel more in control. If you are planning a holiday, ensure that you use acoach charterprovider that offers comfortable buses to reduce the anxiety. In the instance that you have to sit at the back, try to pick up a conversation to distract yourself. Also, get as much fresh air as you can.

Limit Your Food Consumption Before Travelling

When travelling long distances by bus, you need to check what you eat before departure. Limit yourself from fat-rich and spicy foods as this may worsen nausea caused by motion sickness. Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol or any drinks that may worsen the situation.

Talk Yourself Down

Learn to talk yourself down by verbalizing out loud that you are not going to get sick this time round. This practice has been proven to be very effective especially among sailors who tend to get seasick. By talking yourself down, you prepare your body and mind to what is ahead and you are able to control the situation.

Pre-Treat With Ginger

Research has shown that taking ginger half an hour before travelling by bus can help prevent motion sickness. Take at least one gram of ginger before travelling to prevent getting car sick. However, if you are on blood thinners medication, you may want to consult with the doctor before taking ginger supplements.

Desensitization Therapy

This is where you expose yourself to activities that cause motion sickness for specified periods of time to get your body desensitized. For example, if you experience motion sickness when reading a book while travelling in a bus, you can try reading for five minutes then stop. Try again for like ten minutes and then stop again. By doing this, your body adjusts and gets used to it over time.

Get Medication

If anything else fails and you continue to get severe symptoms of motion sickness, it’s time to try medication. Explain to your doctor the symptoms you experience and he will prescribe medicine which will help control your motion sickness.

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